Accurate Records & Excellent Customer Service: 

The Clerk’s Office will continue to provide accurate record keeping and offer professional, courteous service to the youth and families involved with Juvenile Court and their attorneys. We will support internal customers including the Juvenile Judge and her magistrates that preside over the court and to the staff of juvenile court. As the Juvenile Clerk, I propose continuing legal education and development training for Juvenile Court Clerk staff, so they are always aware of best practices and industry improvements.

Innovation & Training:

As Juvenile Clerk, I will explore and leverage innovative solutions to increase efficiency within the Clerk’s office. We will work to continuously improve response times to families, attorneys,  and the Juvenile Court. In addition we will leverage technology to track important data that will the office continue to serve the community better.

Community Partnerships & Village Building:

As Juvenile Court Clerk, I will build stronger community coalitions and partnerships with non-profit youth service providers. We will use data analysis to help inform how these partners can best provide wrap around services to our most vulnerable youth. We will monitor programs to track our progress in reducing recidivism, intervention for 1st time offenders and turn around negative trends.

Restorative Justice and Reform:

After more than 15 years in youth development, I agree with our Juvenile Judge, Sheila Calloway that punishing crime cannot serve as the only deterrent to crime. As the Juvenile Clerk, I will implement a philosophy of restorative justice in an effort to truly change the behavior of the young people who are served by this office.

As a current member of the Juvenile Court Restorative Youth Diversion Program steering committee, I believe that restorative justice will change behavior, reduce recidivism and create better outcomes for youth, victims and their families. I will continue to support this philosophy as the Juvenile Court Clerk and ensure that the entire clerk’s staff is trained in adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), restorative practices and trauma-informed care, so that the service provided by the clerk’s office complements the services provided by the court.

A Place of Possibility:

After a young person is charged with a crime, the process can be intimidating and stressful for both the youth and his or her family. We want the experience at the Juvenile Clerk’s office to be welcoming and friendly and a reminder that the young person in trouble is important and surrounded by people who care. I envision Facility upgrades such a redesigned waiting area for families with colorful positive affirmations around the room,r an attorney lounge with printing equipment, charging stations and rooms attorneys could use for private client consultations.

Committed to Youth and Families

As Juvenile Court Clerk I will be a youth development and policy advocate. I will work alongside community partners and with the local, state and Federal government agencies to develop policies that help our youth thrive. We need more resources to end the school the prison pipeline through better educational efforts and school discipline reform. We need wrap around services for teen parents that promote educational achievement while they support their young families. We must do all we can to make the Juvenile System a turn-around point for our youth so they get back to maximizing their potential.